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Generation Bridge for Hispanic Farmers & Ranchers


This innovative and inspiring collaboration among TMBC the National Tribal Development Association (NTDA) and United Farmers USA (UFUSA) is model for minority organizations working for minority agricultural producers. Projects addressed by Minorities United include whole farm planning and recorkeeping



NASS Producer Contacts

Supported by the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service, this project is a large effort to collect contact information, specifically mailing addresses, for ag producers in 38 counties in Texas. The lists of addresses are purged of duplicates and likely - unusable entries and then submitted to NASS for use in the current Ag Census. TMBC uses the same information to advertise about educational and informational workshops and computer/Internet training in their respective areas.




Another innovative project, TSP demostrates the necessary relationship between TMBC and NRCS office in South Texas. Currently, TSP provides for personnel in Starr and Duval Counties, the San Antonio area, and the regional office.


The Frontera Agriculture Risk Management (FARM) Project is an educational workshop project funded by the USDA Risk Management Agency. FARM has hosted and co-hosted more than 50 educational/informational workshops for farmers and ranchers in the border region of Texas and in New Mexico. Past workshop topics include: wildlife management, prescribed burning, pest control and pesticide use, and financial issues.




The eFARM Project is a computer and Internet training initiative funded by the USDA Cooperative Research Education, Extension Service. Training is designed especially for farmers and ranchers in the South Texas area. It is the only program of it's kind for this group. Training is comprised of lessons on :
      -Very basic computer operations 
      -Microsoft Word
      -General Internet
      -Microsoft Excel
      -USDA eGov

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